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Southern Comfort

ISBN-10 0982890907

ISBN-13 9780982890905

Desiree Compton is ready to end her sexual drought, and she finds the right candidate in sexy, Sam Comfort, the mysterious guy from the mailroom with the charming southern drawl. Sam seems to be just what she needs to distract herself from memory of her ex. She attracts his attention with a few candles, incense and a lot of help from her best friend Seria, who seems to have all the answers where men are concerned. Seria is a hot tamale who is sexually liberated and free and thinks she has men wrapped around her finger, until she finds herself entangled in a web of espionage, drama and sex that is too hot, even for her, and the keeper of a secret that might just devastate the fragile Desiree and ruin their friendship forever.

Author Cynamon Foster

Cynnamon Foster is the alter-ego of author Nina Foxx. She has been begging to be let out for quite awhile. She tied Nina up and put her in a closet and has been writing ever since.

Cynnamon Lives in Southern California with her main personality.

Stiletto Press Publishing, LLC

Steamy... Sexy... Stories

Steamy... Sexy... Stories

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